Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the wide variety of questions we receive about the Nickel Bed Tent, weve put together a Q&A guide to address the most common questions we receive.   

Q. Will the Nickel Bed Tent hold up for my autistic child?

A. The Nickel Bed Tent is designed to withstand a lot of abuse however, there are so many varying degrees of children on the autism spectrum, that its virtually impossible to guarantee the Nickels durability. 90% of our customers are satisfied with its performance. For those whose children are more aggressive, we suggest reviewing the more customized bed products available.

Q. What is the Nickel made out of?

A. The Nickel Bed Tents fabric is made of polyester and is chemically treated with fire retardant. 

Q. What are the dimensions of the Nickel Bed Tent?

A. The overall size of the tent, in inches, is: L=77, W=39, H=35.

Q. What happens if I buy the tent and it doesnt work out for my child?

A. Due to the varying degrees of children with ASD, we look at each return on a case-by-case basis. As most of our customers already know, were in this business to help other families, and we will personally work with our customers to ensure satisfaction.

Q. What tricks have you learned from other parents on making the Nickel work well for their situation?

A. Weve heard just about everything. Here are few tips from other parents:

  • Use of a slat bed frame is highly recommended as the Nickels poles are reinforced by the frame corners. We do not recommend a standard bed frame without edges.

 Here are a few recommended examples:

  • Bolsters inside the tent. Helps strengthen the tent and reduces injury from those children who are much more aggressive
  • Slide the bed into the corner so its better supported
  • Give your child things to keep them preoccupied when they go to bed or if they wake up in the middle of the night (i.e. books that play music; toys/books, etc. **No toys with sharp edges or small parts**)
  • Play soothing music when you put your child to bed
  • Let your child get into the bed each night by themselves
  • Use a video monitor so, if they are very aggressive, you can deal with it quickly to avoid possible damage to the tent **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**

Q. Are there plans to have the Nickel available in stores?

A. Not at this time but you never know. 🙂

Q. How can we keep up to date on the status of the Nickel Bed Tent?

A. Simply go to our companys Facebook page and select the Like button. We update our customers on the company and other helpful tid-bits from around the special needs community

Q. Can you travel with the Nickel Bed Tent?

A. Absolutely! Many of our customers use the Nickel specifically for travel. With the weight being only 4lbs, its ideal!

Q. Will I get a discount if I buy more than one tent?

A. Yes, we offer 10% off for multiple orders. Ready, Set, Bloom, LLC. will send you a company check for the amount saved after your order has been processed.

Q. I cant seem to find a customer service number, where can I find this?

A. Ready, Set, Bloom, LLC. is a home-based business that is run by my husband and me. We do not have a customer service center and do most of our communication via email. If you need to speak to one of us, please email your request to info@myreadysetbloom.com and we will most certainly contact you.

Q. Do you ship overseas?

A. No, at this time we have decided to ship only in the United States


Q. What are the rubber rings for?

A. Were constantly working on improving the Nickel. The most recent change was changing the poles and tent corners by adding grommets and rubber rings. The poles simply fit through the grommets and the rubber rings attach to the end of the poles. The idea is to keep the pole from slipping out of the grommet and allow the Nickel to remain intact when a child becomes aggressive within the tent.  **CAUTION CHOKING HAZARD** DO NOT LET CHILD PLAY WITH RUBBER RINGS


At Ready, Set, Bloom, LLC, our goal is to provide special needs children (i.e. Autism, ASD, ADD/ADHD, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, etc.) and parents of special needs children, a safer nights sleep using our Nickel Bed Tent. Our Nickel Bed Tents are designed to fit standard twin-sized mattresses. The mattress fits inside the base of the tent and helps keep children with disabilities from leaving their bed throughout the night. As parents of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we know first hand the struggles and sleep problems that occur with autistic children and children with disabilities. With the Nickel Bed Tent, parents and their children can have a restful nights sleep once again. 

The Nickel Bed Tent is also portable, which makes it great for travel!  As we all know, traveling with children with disabilities can be difficult, but now you can take your special needs child on the vacation youve been longing for.

The Nickel Bed Tent is the special solution for your special child.
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