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NICKEL BED TENT – Safety Bed Tent for Children with Autism/Special Needs:

The Nickel Bed Tent  

  • Helps keep children safe and comfortable in bed!
  • Sturdy design!
  • Safety straps to keep from tipping!
  • Easy mobility! Ideal for travel!
  • Twin-sized mattress slides inside, with 3 points of access!
  • Covered aluminum poles!
  • Affordable!!!

At Ready, Set, Bloom, LLC, our goal is to provide special needs children (i.e. Autism, ASD, ADD/ADHD, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, etc.) and parents of special needs children, a safer nights sleep using our Nickel Bed Tent. Our Nickel Bed Tents are designed to fit standard twin-sized mattresses. The mattress fits inside the base of the tent and helps keep children with disabilities from leaving their bed throughout the night. As parents of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we know first hand the struggles and sleep problems that occur with autistic children and children with disabilities. With the Nickel Bed Tent, parents and their children can have a restful nights sleep once again. 

The Nickel Bed Tent is also portable, which makes it great for travel!  As we all know, traveling with children with disabilities can be difficult, but now you can take your special needs child on the vacation youve been longing for.

The Nickel Bed Tent is the special solution for your special child.
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